Student practice

The best study and the best theory is a real, practical work in the field that you like. Our abundance of production processes, the complexity of our manufacturing technologies and our team of experienced professionals will enable you to enhance your skills and knowledge. An apprenticeship within our group of companies may also be the beginning of your career, because we highly appreciate people who appreciate our values and demonstrate it with real work.

During the apprenticeship opportunities we provide, you will learn about modern production technology and equipment, and the organization of work and teamwork processes in one of the largest industrial enterprises in this field in the Baltics. Send your CV with a cover letter by e-mail to We always have place for diligent hands and fresh ideas.

Student feedback:

  • Erika Subačiūtė and Luis Collazo (final year students of International Business Engineering at University of Borås, Sweden) performed 3 weeks of practice in the production section of the corrugated cardboard department.}      “I have very pleasant impressions and good memories from Grigeo Grigiškės AB. Since I am a Lithuanian studying in Sweden, I didn’t think it would be so difficult to find a place for practice in my own country, and that companies would be interested in cooperating and helping. Unfortunately, from all the companies I contacted, Grigeo Grigiškės AB was the only one interested and pleased to help. This company trusted me and provided an opportunity to come and collect information that helped us expand our theoretical knowledge and to gain experience and learn during a truly useful time. Most of all, I was impressed that even though I was located quite some distance away, it was very easy to contact this company. The company representatives always responded to e-mails as soon as possible, and were very helpful. I performed my practice together with my classmate from Sweden who knew nothing about Lithuanian culture, but thanks to the company, we felt like we were at home during our practice. Our simple, friendly and pleasant communication with Juozas Paknys, Production Director of the Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing Department, allowed us to feel free and comfortable. We did not feel any tension from the staff – everyone was very warm and friendly with a smile on their faces. During the entire period of practice, Rasa Kaminskiene, Manager of Human Resources, was also ready to help, and even though we have returned to Sweden, she still continues to liaise with us and is interested in how we are doing. Plus, Juozas Paknys has agreed to cooperate further in e-mails and help us if we need any additional information. From my viewpoint, this company one of the most responsible, and is interested in expanding in the global market. Their friendliness, helpfulness and pleasant communication can provide motivation for each student in achieving their goals and we know that their knowledge will be useful in solving any problems along the way. Thank you!”
  • Lukas Perminas (3rd year student at a Danish Technical University, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design course), 4 month apprenticeship in the Prevention group of the Technical Unit:

“I am very happy about my apprenticeship in your company. I designed and saw how my developed products were manufactured. Most of the other group members from my university were “making coffee” during their apprenticeship and were not offered any serious projects. In my case, it was the opposite. I worked with serious projects and my hosts trusted me.”

  • Dovydas Griškonis (2nd year student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at VGTU), 1 month apprenticeship in the technical service of the GKD:

“I am happy to have seen and tested a lot of things through my apprenticeship that I only heard about theoretically at the university. I feel that the skills I acquired at the Grigiškės AB company will help me to move forward a little further in learning my specialty, and then starting my professional career in the future. I definitely recommend an apprenticeship at Grigiškės AB because of its young, friendly and helpful staff.”

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