New investment by AB Grigeo in the development of the hygiene paper business

AB Grigeo, the manufacturer of the hygiene paper “Grite”, invested in one of the most high-tech hygiene paper converting lines in the European market, which is in conformity with high safety at work standards. We are among the first European undertakings that purchased such a cutting-edge hygiene paper converting line. The prototype of this equipment was presented in Europe in summer 2015.

Investment in the new paper converting line will reach EUR 8.3 million. It is estimated that the new equipment will significantly improve productivity by increasing the production volumes for hygiene paper products by more than 30%. As the leader in the Baltic hygiene paper business, we see ample opportunity to exploit the growing potential in increasing sales and expanding our markets.

The automated production process will enable us to eliminate human error, ensure consistency in product quality and manufacture softer and lighter paper. The new equipment will also allow for extending the range of products with new hygiene paper articles, such as large-diameter paper towels and 4-ply toilet paper.

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